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HVAC Solutions

At Powers, we specialize in helping our customers with any HVAC project or problem they have. We do this by providing the right equipment for the right application, setting it up to maximize both comfort and efficiency, making sure everything is operating the way it’s supposed to, and servicing all major HVAC equipment and controls. This is how we create customers for life.

Building Controls

Controlling the heating and cooling of buildings is at the core of what we do and conserving energy while maintaining comfort is our expertise. As the Independent Field Office in Arkansas for Siemens Building Technologies, we offer a world class building automation and controls system that is flexible, dependable and efficient. For service and integration, we work with all brands of controls.

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HVAC Equipment

At Powers, we represent manufacturers for the top lines of HVAC equipment. We assist engineers with design, contractors with selection, pricing and startup, and owners with retrofit equipment. We know HVAC equipment, how to apply it and make it work for you. And our growing list of equipment manufacturers allows us to offer the best solutions for your specific requirements.

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Air Distribution

Our air distribution team helps close the circle by offering ductwork, diffusers, registers, and grilles that distribute heated or cooled air to where it’s needed. We also have NEBB-certified professionals and technicians who can commission or test, adjust, and balance commercial HVAC systems. In fact, we are one of only a few Arkansas companies with NEBB-certified professionals on staff.

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Controls Service

Service is key to keeping building automation control systems up and running for the life of a facility. Our controls service technicians have the experience and training to inspect, maintain, and repair all major control systems and keep them operating effectively and efficiently. And with 24/7 emergency service, we’re available whenever you need us.

Mechanical Service

Our mechanical service is provided by Powers Mechanical Service Company (Powers-MSC), which specializes in total system service. Powers-MSC works on all mechanical systems - chillers and boilers, air-handling units and pumps, and central plants and facilities maintenance. And as with our Controls Service, we offer 24/7 emergency service whenever you need us.